Hackfruit is an easy search tool that finds hacking tools, commands and cheat sheets. It helps cybersecurity learing and trainings, CTFs, bug bounty, ethical hacking, etc.

AccessControl ActiveDirectory ActiveRecon AJP APT AndroidAPK AWS BruteForce BufferOverflow BusinessLogic CMS CommandInjection ContentDiscovery CORS Cryptography CRLF CSRF Database DirectoryTraversal DNS Docker FileUpload FTP IDOR Jenkins Kerberos LDAP Linux Log4j Malware MemoryForensics MSSQL OAuth OSINT PassiveRecon PassTheHash Password PostExploitation PrivEsc ReverseEngineering ReverseShell RDP SMB SNMP SocialEngineering SQLi SSH SSRF Steganography SUID Web Windows WinRM Wordlists WordPress XSS XST XXE